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Any Distributor can qualify for many incentives on top of the bonuses described in the Career Progression. These include weekend trips, computers, and many more. In addition, Distributors who achieve the level of Manager can also qualify for the following:

Managers whose total group turnover exceeds a pre-determined level may qualify for an all expenses paid visit to the USA. This will include the annual International Rally, which is held in a different American City each year. In addition, they will visit the plantations where the Aloe Vera is grown, the Head Office in Arizona, the production plant in Dallas and Southfork Ranch. Other activities are also included.

International Super Rally, San Francisco, 2002

When a country reaches and sustains a certain level of turnover for three consecutive months the Managers in that country may qualify for a once-a-year profit share bonus. This is paid on top of all other bonuses and can reach considerable sums.

  Managers may also qualify for this Programme. There are three
  levels of qualification and are paid on a monthly basis for three
  years. Managers may move up to the next level during the three
  years and may qualify again forever.

Many countries organise their own incentives, which can be anything from prizes, trips and holidays.


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